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MG4 4 Channel Audio Bluetooth Mixer Mixing Console with 7-Band EQualizer USB Phantom Power 48V

MG4 4 Channel Audio Bluetooth Mixer Mixing Console with 7-Band EQualizer USB Phantom Power 48V

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Product Description
MiCWL Audio
MG4 4 Channel Bluetooth Mixing Console Sound Mixer
Package includes:
(1)  1x 4 Channel Mixer ,
(2)  1x Power Adapter
(3)  1x Manual.
1. With digital display stereo MP3 input,
2. Bluetooth function,
3. 48V fantasy power supply for condenser microphone,
4. Built-in digital effects,
5. Five-segment effect level monitor indication,
6. Seven-band stereo equalization,
7. Recording input with stereo function,
8. Low noise microphone input with interface,
All channels with 2-band equalization
***BRAND NEW --***
MSRP: $199.00
Brand New - Original Packaging
1.  Built-in 48V Phantom power for confenser microphones use professional recording;
2.  Built-in 7-Band equalizer;
3.  2 Line (L/R) audio output;
4.  1 to send output, 1 return input;
5.  1 Line to high-fidelity headphone output power (1W)
6. Headphone Monitoring function, Bluetooth Function, Recording Function
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High-performance microphone pre-amplifier with phantom power(+48V).
Built-in mute switching mode power supply.
High-performance three colors output level meter.
24-400Hz adjustable dual channels sub output.
With MP3, USB input players.
Exquisite color crystal buttons channel switch.
SMT automated technique for strict control the consistency of the products.
Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz, ±0.5dB
THD+N: -30dB input to mix, mic gain 30dB,<0.007%
Mic Input Ein: MIC EIN@Max gain,150 ohms source impedance -128dB
Bus Noise: Noise(20Hz-20KHz measurement bandwidth)
Audio Mixing:MIX@MAX faders down<-85dB)
Crosstalk Between Channels:>96dB
Crossover Fader Position:>96dB
Aux Send Port:>86dB
Output Level Meter:L/R mix output level is 12 segment of LED indicator
Power: AC input 100 or 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:<30W  
One Year Warranty Covered by MICWL Audio Inc.

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